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Since being established in 2006, HK OSTEO works closely with other professionals in the area, providing support and referrals when appropriate. If you require treatment or rehabilitation for any number of injuries, HK Osteo is a trusted clinic in Mt Maunganui.

To reach a full diagnosis, your osteopath will need to know more about you (is your job repetitive, do you do a lot of heavy lifting, do you have previous injuries). 

Please contact HK Osteo today for more info or to get started on your road to recovery.
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We will assess your needs and design treatment programs to suit. If you are a sportsperson, we will aim to get you back on the field quickly and stronger than before.For reoccurring injuries, we will assess, diagnose and explain the cause of your problems, advising you on what you need to do to prevent them.
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Sports injuries

As well as looking at the specific injury, or point of pain, I also look at, and spend time discussing previous sports injuries, this helps design treatment plans and future prevention. A variety of strengthening methods and sport specific exercises are normally included in your rehabilitation, which will assist in speedy recovery.


Arthritis is inflammation of the joint. To treat any issues, your joints need mobility. These are many things you can do, such as using heat (hot baths, wheat bags etc.), moderate exercise, maintaining a balanced diet, visiting the Mount Hot Pools, Tai Chi and yoga. For further information and home visits you can call the Arthritis Foundation on 0800 663 463. 

Work strain issues

Repetitive strain injury, (RSI) or Occupational overuse syndrome (OOS) is caused by long term constant, muscle tension restricting the flow of blood through muscle, which causes the muscle to quickly run out of stored energy. To aid circulation, relaxation and help ease discomfort, you can incorporate ergonomic changes, aerobic type exercises, relaxation techniques, hydrotherapy and job variety.

Call us today on 07 574 3444. We will help you to help yourself stay active in life!

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